NAB 2024 - where innovation takes center stage

NAB 2024 - where innovation takes center stage


The Redpoint team remains committed to staying at the forefront of technology news. Once again, this year, we participated in the prestigious NAB SHOW 2024, a global media and advertising event held in Las Vegas, USA.

At the Las Vegas Convention Center, alongside industry giants like ARRI, Canon, Sony, ADOBE, Blackmagic, Dji, TULIX, and WISEDV, Redpoint engaged in meetings, explored new contacts, and discussed potential collaborations.

With representatives from 160 countries in attendance, our annual participation allows us to stay ahead of technological innovations and swiftly incorporate them into our company. The NAB Show, founded by the National Association of American Broadcasters in 1991, remains a vital platform for industry insights and advancements.

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